Leftovers for lunch

On Sunday, I made a chicken pot pie for dinner, and I’ve been enjoying the leftovers. SC says it was my best yet, and I think I agree. I’ve never baked my own crust for one before– and I didn’t this time either– but it turned out really well.

Pie before baking

I used this recipe, but replaced about a third of the chicken called for with 1 1/2 medium yukon potatoes. I cooked all the makings of the pie filling for longer than instructed because the potatoes took longer than the other vegetables to get soft, and the gravy stuff took longer to thicken up. I also used a lot more freshly ground pepper than the recipe calls for and it made it spicy in the best possible way.

Often when I make something like this, or a lasagna or a casserole… any kind of dish that “covers all the bases” of a balanced meal, I have a hard time coming up with accompaniments other than salad or something. It’s hard because with pasta or pie, bread makes the whole meal too bread-y. This time with the pot pie, we had asparagus. We just put it in the oven with the pie. SC didn’t know how much pepper I put in the pie, and he peppered the asparagus a lot too and drizzled with olive oil, and it ended up being delicious–on its own and with the pie.

after baking

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  1. sherri

    What a vacation it was to stroll through your blog! Thank you!!
    Love you!

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