Friday Bind-off, wk2

This photo, via EYE SOCKETS, expresses how impatiently I am waiting for picnics on a bed of cherry blossom petals, just like this one.

This week, I went to Eastern Market (while the weather was beautiful!), and ate late lunch outside on the deck. My team came in third place at trivia night on Monday at Wonderland after a sparkling (and surprising?) performance on a round about Star Trek. I saw a hawk just outside Logan Circle on my walk to work one morning.

I’m thinking of getting a subscription to this organic produce service, which looks amazing on paper (or the internet). It seems really reasonably priced, considering its alleged contents. I’m waiting for a verdict from a cousin before I commit.

Google added biking directions to GoogleMaps, and so far so good? It’s supposed to guide you around steep inclines, and avoid especially trafficky intersections. An exciting development!

I’m still working on a pair of mittens and an entry on my trip to Philly, so stay tuned!

Via Twig & Thistle: This precious paper neighborhood

Via Evan: This perfect chess set

Via Roommate: This take on a tea party

Next week, there will be a St. Patrick’s Day dinner, a BFF’s birthday, a lot of work to do!, spring cleaning, and hopefully more perfect weather! Maybe while I’m trapped inside because of the rain, I’ll have time to make myself more leftovers for lunch. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

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