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another finished project

So this is another project that I started one winter and finished the next. It’s this knitting pairs thing that slowed me down, in both cases, and it’s for that reason that I’m going to learn to knit two socks at a time. As far as these mittens go, there’s really not a chance of doing them two-at-a-time, since knitting fingers onto gloves is enough to take anyone’s fingers and brain to the full extent of their capabilities, for sure…

So without further ado, I present my first half-fingered mitts. Unfortunately by the time I got around to knitting the mate, I had forgotten the way(s) in which I had improvised on the shaping of the flap that covers up the fingertips, so they don’t actually match. Luckily, my mom found that to be charming and is wearing them anyway. What do you know!!

They’re made of  a cerulean merino wool made by Karabella. It’s super soft and I loved knitting with it.

If I can find some better pictures of these, I will add them later.


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I’m back. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

I’ve been so busy doing FUN that I’ve been off of the internet, or at least off my blog.

I’ve FINALLY finished cleaning out all my in-progress knitting projects, so I’ve got a lot to report on that front. I finished these a little while ago, but I am PLEASED to present my very first complete pair of socks. It only took me about a year, so my next step on the socks front is DEFINITELY going to be learning to knit them two at a time!

So, to learn how to knit socks on my own, of course I turned to the internet. I found a really fabulous knitter who has started a series of sock tutorials with really detailed photos and step-by-step instructions that guide you infallibly through turning your first heels and closing the toe in a way that leaves no trace of any hand-knitting. She’s awesome, and these tutorials are great. What’s better than a handmade gift with no evidence of its handmade-ness but the love that went into it!

I actually started these so long ago that I can’t remember the specs of the yarn, but I know it was sock-weight, and came in a ball that was intended to be exactly the right size to complete a pair of socks.

They are wool, and the yarn was self-striping. Definitely an interesting color combo. Haha.

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