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Joanna Newsom at Sixth & I

Tuesday night, Roommate and I got to see Joanna Newsom play. It was really fascinating. She is incredibly talented, but that is obvious from her albums. What isn’t obvious is the incredible hand-eye-brain-inspiration coordination required to manage such talented and creative thought-matter at the same time as one is performing one’s own creative product in front of a crowd, with an ensemble of musicians, and playing harp or piano and singing such not-conventionally-intuitive melodies. It just baffled me. And what was incredible was that live, she really did reproduce the sound she accomplishes in her albums, not in a boring or canned way, but in a way that was really a testament to how completely skilled she is as a musician.

Lucky for all of you, you can hear the concert in its entirety because it is streaming on NPR’s website! Somewhat miraculously, NPR is right around the corner from Sixth & I and they actually broadcast the show live on Tuesday night. They’ve also posted a handful of photos from the show.


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