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Friday Bind-off, wk3

A long time ago, my mom had this really fascinating book full of really compelling photographs of people whose jobs were kind of fading out as the times continue to change. This story on NPR reminded me of that book a lot. Maybe the people are even the same, but my recollection of the book was very vague, so I can’t tell. It might even have been about a specific locality in the mid-Atlantic.

This week, I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, but it was kind of funny. Tried to have some homemade Irish car bombs, but (a) I didn’t have shot glasses, (b) I bought the wrong kind of Guinness (this was the fizzy extra stout), and so we went out. We went to a place we knew would have appropriate beverages for the occasion, but it was packed because everyone else knew they would have appropriate beverages also.

So then we went to another place that was not at all Irish-y, but OH I had the most amazing cocktail containing elderflower liqueur, which a friend identified as St. Germain(?). The drink was called the cherry blossom something something and is only seasonal, so before they stop featuring it, I am going to need to find myself a bottle of that. Seriously. The drink had something sparkling with a twist and also a splash of white wine and it was so so so so so good. I want one now.

So after that, we tried to go dancing, but we found ourselves in a middle of a surprisingly sedate party called “St. Patrick’s Gay Dance Party” and no one was really dancing, maybe because the house beat hadn’t changed after being there for 20 minutes. I probably sound like an old lady saying that, but for real. It is true. I really had high hopes for a gay dance party, but maybe that is as wrong as eschewing it based on the same information. Anyway, by then it was bed time.

The weather this week has been AMAZING and the weekend promises to be even better! I’d like to make it to the National Arboretum, and otherwise spend as much time outside as possible.

This week on the internet…

I love this (via Twig & Thistle)

This is amazing and great (via EYE SOCKETS) by Justin.

These songs really feel like this week. And I am excited about it. and them.

This one’s from Austin:

This one’s from Evan:



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St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

Sunday night, some really lovely friends and I had an Irish dinner to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

I made a vegetarian shepherd’s pie (using epicurious’s recipe here) and it was very well received! I ended up being really late because the grocery store was mobbed, being a Sunday afternoon, and then the process is a pretty long one, but it was well worth it. I made the stew and mashed potato top separately, and brought them to my friend’s house and baked them in a dish together when I arrived.

It was pretty thrilling to start with such a beautiful array of delicious fresh vegetables and herbs. I rarely have such a variety! I had never cooked with Seitan before, but that was the meat substitute used in the recipe. If I had it to do over again, I think I might try just throwing in even more vegetables instead, maybe brussels sprouts, which I always love, and I can’t think of many more that would fit in. I only think of brussels sprouts because cabbage suits a lot of Irish dishes, and they are just really precious tiny heads of cabbage. They’d look completely delightful in a stew so full of pearl onions. Anyway, I went light on seitan, heavy on pearl onions and parsnips, and it was really tasty. I added a lot of fresh ground pepper to the potatoes and it was so very tasty.

The rest of the dinner was so delicious. There was a sausage and stuffed cabbage rolls (both vegetarian and meaty varieties… I only had the pleasure of tasting the veggie ones). We had a few drink choices – hard cider, Guinness, Bailey’s, (Irish car bombs…) I had the cider and it was great. The whole thing was delicious, but the best was yet to come! A surprisingly decadent dessert of baked lemon custard with blueberry topping from a book of Irish dessert recipes caught us all off-guard. It was intensely good.

As for the company, I have really been sorely lacking in great lady time and this really hit the spot! More of that is definitely in order. And maybe another experiment with a recipe from that Irish dessert cookbook…

The mushrooms, leeks, and garlic all starting to cook together...

The entire shepherds pie, fully assembled and ready!!

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