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I’m back. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

I’ve been so busy doing FUN that I’ve been off of the internet, or at least off my blog.

I’ve FINALLY finished cleaning out all my in-progress knitting projects, so I’ve got a lot to report on that front. I finished these a little while ago, but I am PLEASED to present my very first complete pair of socks. It only took me about a year, so my next step on the socks front is DEFINITELY going to be learning to knit them two at a time!

So, to learn how to knit socks on my own, of course I turned to the internet. I found a really fabulous knitter who has started a series of sock tutorials with really detailed photos and step-by-step instructions that guide you infallibly through turning your first heels and closing the toe in a way that leaves no trace of any hand-knitting. She’s awesome, and these tutorials are great. What’s better than a handmade gift with no evidence of its handmade-ness but the love that went into it!

I actually started these so long ago that I can’t remember the specs of the yarn, but I know it was sock-weight, and came in a ball that was intended to be exactly the right size to complete a pair of socks.

They are wool, and the yarn was self-striping. Definitely an interesting color combo. Haha.


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cardigan update: with buttons!

So my sister visited over the long weekend and I was able to take a picture of the finished cardigan with the buttons on it.

Unfortunately, the buttons don’t photograph well but I love the way they look on the sweater. I was afraid of using anything that would look to homemade, or anything that would look too antique-y, and these are exactly the same color as the yarn and completely blend in unless you really try to notice them and then they are nice and shiny and pretty without being distracting or tacky.

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finally! a knitting post!

So for a long time, I’ve been working on a knitting project, but it was a gift, so I didn’t want to spoil it too too much by ┬áposting about it prematurely. But it’s finished! And it’s been gifted! So I’m very pleased to present this finished product, and to finally tag a post on my blog in my knitting category. Long overdue!

The sweater is called Liesl, from Ysolda, and I started it through a class at Stitch DC. The class and instructor were both lovely, and I really enjoyed the experience. In terms of finishing the sweater however, I was still furiously knitting during her graduation ceremony… But I really love how it turned out. I used Karabella Windy (100% cotton) in blue, and it was great to work with, although everything I wore during the knitting process is now covered in blue fuzz.

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Friday Bind-off, wk 6

This has been a wild week!

I have been really excited about all of the buzz about my friend Justin and the album he released as part of his project called Sarasota. Joseph Gordon-Levitt found it and has been tweeting about how great it is, and it’s getting a lot of attention on his website, hitrecord.org. Amazing! I am so happy for Justin, and if you haven’t listened yet, I seriously advise you to do so!

Ok… things I liked this week?

I’ve started knitting Liesl, a cardigan pattern from Ysolda, and so I’ve got homework for the class I started on Wednesday. I’ve got two weeks to finish the yoke, so here’s hoping I get two weekends off from work, and maybe an evening or two. This weekend, we’re having a New College reunion potluck picnic (Sunday!) and I can’t wait!

Homemade cherry blossom special - modified slightly with grenadine rather than cherry liqueur

Sliced cucumbers with salt and pepper

Strawberries, blackberries, toasted baguette, OJ, and coffee, in my new mug from Barcelona!

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