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Getting Fresh

I’ve been craving freshness a lot lately. The weather has been amazing so all our windows are open at home. I’ve been working crazy hours, and missing meals at home, and I’ve been feeling desperate for any kind of fresh produce. So I’ve decided to make a post about things that are best fresh to satisfy my craving.

  • Happy Hour: Last night, I went for drinks with a couple of dear friends. I was feeling cheeky and desperate for something delicious and un-dive-bar, so I ordered a salty dog, and it definitely hit the spot. I’ll admit though that it was probably a far cry from this recipe featured on MattBites.com (with rosemary!), which is what refreshed my memory and inspired my hankering for said beverage. After one drink, we decided that we had to get outside into the perfect weather, and so we grabbed froyo instead of more drinks. I had mine topped with strawberries, blackberries, and granola.
  • Breakfast: I’ve been waking up grumpy for a few weeks because all I’ve had for breakfast every morning has been cereal or toast or bagels or something else and I am getting so tired of those things! I need to swear off all carbs for a good long time and eat only fresh produce for weeks. I’d literally be quenched by celery, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, anything, just give it to me raw and undressed and I’d feel so good. So yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s on my lunch break, bought blackberries, strawberries, nectarines, and cucumbers, as well as a few lemons and limes and ate them all for breakfast. I think I might be dehydrated and overcooked. I don’t feel like salad, I just feel like melons, grapes, apples, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, berries (berries!!) anything everything I feel very starved for freshness.
  • Terry Gross. Fresh as they come, I’m catching up on a backlog I’ve acquired of her show, and listening to this episode as I type.
  • Fresh laundry! I’ve been doing a lot of laundry, as I change out winter items for summer ones. (There’s a heatwave this week and today it will be 90 degrees in DC!) I was a little inspired and a little horrified by this post on laundry techniques pre-washer and dryer. Yikes.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot about egg in Brooklyn, and even though the freshness of their ingredients isn’t quite aligned with my aforementioned cravings, I want that too.
  • Commissary in Logan Circle once broke my heart by telling me on their website that they have a honey-dew mimosa, and then failing to follow through. I’m holding out hope for honey-dew season though, because honey-dew and champagne sounds like the very best way to cope with a heat wave.

Tonight I’m going to work out a little bit and make myself a cocktail that tastes like flowers, while I eat raw fruits and vegetables, and maybe do something truly froofroo like a mint julep face mask, or just drink a giant glass of water with lemon and rose. I have to super-hydrate and flush all of the no-good-eating-at-my-desk from my system. I am totally going to finish my book tonight too!

So I think I’ve done enough procrastinating today, given that I had nothing to blog about when I started, but tomorrow begins my cardigan class! I know you’re all on the edge of your seats. Well, me too.


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Friday Bind-Off, wk-5

This week I’m just going to leave a list of links I’ve liked this week.

This is amazing. Reminds me of this only upside down.

Yes. This reminds me of this.

I really like this. I like the idea that they’ve created a kit to make a product that looks polished and complicated with those cut-outs.

This via Austin.

I really like the look of this magazine, and was excited to see Alison Pill featured on the cover. (via BOOOOOOOM)

And these cookies seem too cute to eat:

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The National Arboretum

So… I’m finally getting around to writing about our picnic in the Arboretum!

It was basically an amazing trip. Neither of us had been there before, nor did we have any idea what to expect. The first thing to strike us was the sheer size of it. It is an enormous place, especially when you go there directly from within the city-est part of the District. I honestly felt like I was entering Jurassic Park or one of the filming locations from Lord of the Rings. The first thing you can see when you get past the welcome part with the maps and information and stuff are the columns from the Capitol Building (pre-(I think)1957), before it was expanded.

We walked toward those, and I knew I was interested in the flowering trees, just based on the time of year, so we meandered in that general direction and quickly ran into a woman walking her dog, who advised us that she had been there recently. She said she expected that the pink magnolias were in full bloom and that that would be a lovely place to picnic. (She must have noticed the baguette conspicuously hanging out of our bag.) She told us how to get there, and we took a short cut/scenic route through “Fern Valley.”

So we walked around to find the very best spot to sprawl, and then we did just that. We stretched out, read a little, ate a little, and it was completely perfect. I was totally awestruck the entire time, that we had found exactly the right thing to do on exactly the right day – and I was equally amazed that we had never done it before!

After lunch and and being lazy in the sun, we decided to explore a bit more. We went to the bonsai museum on the Arboretum grounds where they had incredibly, unbelievably old bonsais. There was one from the 1700s!

I definitely want to go back and find the actual very specific space that was once occupied by my grandmother’s home and my great-grandfather’s business.

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