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the ramblest ramble yet

This weekend, S, Roommate, and I went bike shopping. Roommate got one, but I decided to re-commit to my bike– for now. I need to learn to be a better city cyclist, and also learn about what I want out of cycling before I commit to a new bike that comes with implications about the ways that I should use it. My bike is really heavy, and in the process of riding it more, I’d like to put new accessories on it so that I can make it more ride-able (a better saddle, a rack for carrying work clothes or groceries or books and picnic supplies…), which will only serve to make it heavier, but I am still excited about this recommitment. Last year my vanity plate from Hoover Dam was rudely ripped off ┬ámy parked bicycle and I’ve pined for it ever since, but recently when I went to Florida to see my family, I got a new one, and this one I think I prefer, because I do have roots there. And the Hoover Dam kind of frightened me. So I’m pleased.

I’ve been re-nesting too. Making places for things, getting rid of things that shouldn’t have places… It’s been really refreshing and renewing and I am inspired. I have so many things, and also such a lust for empty space and sparce, minimalist, but pretty decor.

I think this blog is so inspiring! In terms of home decor and charm and DIY inspiration, it is just the tops, for sure. I love almost everything, even if sometimes the Euro-minimalism is so extreme that I feel intimidated and skeptical. Mostly, I just lust for the simplicity and style of so much of their content.

Many transitions, none of which belong to me, but all of which are personal to me, are kind of uprooting a lot of the status quo around me, but in a way that is maybe very healthily encouraging me to refresh and renew my Self and my own status quo. Because I’d like my own status quo to be shiny and inspiring and pleasing to me, and I’d like to feel excited for no reason (with good reason) and I think that’s just a matter of my focus and attitude. In fact I think that’s usually the case for me anyway. But I just have this craving for new-ness and transition of my own, and I’m coping with being a compulsive shopper and pack-rat, so new things simply won’t fit the bill. New habits are suiting me just fine.

I’ve been really angry about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and very worried, but I don’t know what I could do. I feel such anger over it, as I know many people do, but I feel utterly helpless to participate. Roommate shared this link, and I wonder if it’s true, and if so, why it’s not been mentioned more prominently in discussions of real solutions as well as in the mainstream media. WHAT’S THE DEAL, HUH???? I just want them to fix it. I will be a lot more relaxed when I know that, even if it’s still a huge problem (and it will be…), at least the flow of the leak will have stopped. And who knows how much longer it will take them. What a terrible and infuriating thing on so many levels… What a travesty.


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