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Friday Bind-off, wk 6

This has been a wild week!

I have been really excited about all of the buzz about my friend Justin and the album he released as part of his project called Sarasota. Joseph Gordon-Levitt found it and has been tweeting about how great it is, and it’s getting a lot of attention on his website, hitrecord.org. Amazing! I am so happy for Justin, and if you haven’t listened yet, I seriously advise you to do so!

Ok… things I liked this week?

I’ve started knitting Liesl, a cardigan pattern from Ysolda, and so I’ve got homework for the class I started on Wednesday. I’ve got two weeks to finish the yoke, so here’s hoping I get two weekends off from work, and maybe an evening or two. This weekend, we’re having a New College reunion potluck picnic (Sunday!) and I can’t wait!

Homemade cherry blossom special - modified slightly with grenadine rather than cherry liqueur

Sliced cucumbers with salt and pepper

Strawberries, blackberries, toasted baguette, OJ, and coffee, in my new mug from Barcelona!


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Friday Bind-Off, wk-5

This week I’m just going to leave a list of links I’ve liked this week.

This is amazing. Reminds me of this only upside down.

Yes. This reminds me of this.

I really like this. I like the idea that they’ve created a kit to make a product that looks polished and complicated with those cut-outs.

This via Austin.

I really like the look of this magazine, and was excited to see Alison Pill featured on the cover. (via BOOOOOOOM)

And these cookies seem too cute to eat:

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Friday Bind-off, wk 4

It’s a rainy day in DC.

This week was pretty great. I’ve revisited that delicious Cherry Blossom Special at Room 11.

I signed up for a cardigan class at Stitch DC that I am really excited about.

I stumbled upon a mix that my friend Austin made me last May, and that has been the best treat. It’s making my day worlds better.

SC also sent me this, which I am definitely going to do. It looks like an awesome service to the city and its people and I am really excited that it’s something that happens.

I will wrap this up with this video. Have a great weekend!

Soon I’ll update with details of our trip to the National Arboretum.

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Friday Bind-off, wk3

A long time ago, my mom had this really fascinating book full of really compelling photographs of people whose jobs were kind of fading out as the times continue to change. This story on NPR reminded me of that book a lot. Maybe the people are even the same, but my recollection of the book was very vague, so I can’t tell. It might even have been about a specific locality in the mid-Atlantic.

This week, I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, but it was kind of funny. Tried to have some homemade Irish car bombs, but (a) I didn’t have shot glasses, (b) I bought the wrong kind of Guinness (this was the fizzy extra stout), and so we went out. We went to a place we knew would have appropriate beverages for the occasion, but it was packed because everyone else knew they would have appropriate beverages also.

So then we went to another place that was not at all Irish-y, but OH I had the most amazing cocktail containing elderflower liqueur, which a friend identified as St. Germain(?). The drink was called the cherry blossom something something and is only seasonal, so before they stop featuring it, I am going to need to find myself a bottle of that. Seriously. The drink had something sparkling with a twist and also a splash of white wine and it was so so so so so good. I want one now.

So after that, we tried to go dancing, but we found ourselves in a middle of a surprisingly sedate party called “St. Patrick’s Gay Dance Party” and no one was really dancing, maybe because the house beat hadn’t changed after being there for 20 minutes. I probably sound like an old lady saying that, but for real. It is true. I really had high hopes for a gay dance party, but maybe that is as wrong as eschewing it based on the same information. Anyway, by then it was bed time.

The weather this week has been AMAZING and the weekend promises to be even better! I’d like to make it to the National Arboretum, and otherwise spend as much time outside as possible.

This week on the internet…

I love this (via Twig & Thistle)

This is amazing and great (via EYE SOCKETS) by Justin.

These songs really feel like this week. And I am excited about it. and them.

This one’s from Austin:

This one’s from Evan:


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Friday Bind-off, wk2

This photo, via EYE SOCKETS, expresses how impatiently I am waiting for picnics on a bed of cherry blossom petals, just like this one.

This week, I went to Eastern Market (while the weather was beautiful!), and ate late lunch outside on the deck. My team came in third place at trivia night on Monday at Wonderland after a sparkling (and surprising?) performance on a round about Star Trek. I saw a hawk just outside Logan Circle on my walk to work one morning.

I’m thinking of getting a subscription to this organic produce service, which looks amazing on paper (or the internet). It seems really reasonably priced, considering its alleged contents. I’m waiting for a verdict from a cousin before I commit.

Google added biking directions to GoogleMaps, and so far so good? It’s supposed to guide you around steep inclines, and avoid especially trafficky intersections. An exciting development!

I’m still working on a pair of mittens and an entry on my trip to Philly, so stay tuned!

Via Twig & Thistle: This precious paper neighborhood

Via Evan: This perfect chess set

Via Roommate: This take on a tea party

Next week, there will be a St. Patrick’s Day dinner, a BFF’s birthday, a lot of work to do!, spring cleaning, and hopefully more perfect weather! Maybe while I’m trapped inside because of the rain, I’ll have time to make myself more leftovers for lunch. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed.

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Friday Bind-off, the first

So I think I’m going to do this on Fridays.

This week…

I was really into these shoes.

Roommate shared this spectacular specimen.

Modern Domestic made me want to squeeze a little bit more enjoyment out of the cold, even though I’m beyond tired of it, by trying out this recipe before spring really arrives.

This announcement has made me more giddy than I ever could have anticipated. Forget those muffins, I really want spring immediately.

The weather in DC is going to be completely beautiful all weekend and I could not be more excited to enjoy it.

//// via EYE SOCKETS

Now that it’s over, I’m not sure I should keep this up. But this is a process. We’ll see.

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